what is seo?

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of making your Website more easily searchable for the robots that 'crawl' each page and 'index' the content of the page.

This is important because it can have an adverse or positive effect on how your site places in seacrh result rankings i.e. whether or not your business even gets found by someone looking for your type of business.

is seo included?

When we build your site we include a certain amount of SEO so that you should achieve very good results without paying additional charges for SEO Services. We are happy to explain exactly what is included when we build your site. This will be done in writing prior to commencing construction of your site. SEO is very complex and changes all the time. You would be surpised how many people have a Website that cannot even be found on Google or the other main search engines like Yahoo or Bing, because of poor or non-existent SEO in their site.

what can i do about seo?

There are very simple things you can do to impact how well your site performs in search rankings. We will discuss these suggestions with you prior to commencing build on your site.


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