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Print Based Design is probably the most common form of design. Most print based design utilises just 4 colours (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black) to reproduce a Full Colour image. Designing for CMYK or the Full Colour Printing process is actually quite simple but there are pitfalls like image resolution, correct colour modes for images and proper file preparation to consider to ensure you get the best result.

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We are happy to discuss your Print Based Design project with you at a time convenient to you. We can come to your Office and discuss the brief with you and the key players involved. The Design brief process is an inmportant stage in establishing what your aims and objectives are for the Design project. We will also discuss things like budget if applicable and also deadlines for the project.

We can also offer a competitive price for the printing of the product as we have an established network of reputable printers that we regularly use.

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