what is hosting?

Once a Website is designed it needs to be 'Hosted' somewhere. This basically means electronic versions of each page, all the fonts and linked or associated files are all bundled up and stored to a remote server. When someone types in your domain or does a search and gets a 'hit' for your buisness they are then routed or directed to the server where your Website files are located and the pages appear.

how is it charged?

Hosting is charged as a monthly premium and paid for 12 months in advance. Hosting rates will vary depending on the resources that your site requires, like the number os email addresses required, physical storage space required to actually host or store the files associated with your Website. There are other factors that impact Hosting costs like Security for On-Line payments etc.

host with shamrock

You can choose who you host the site with, although most people that set up a new Website just go with us for the convenience factor. We are also competitive as far as pricing goes and our Website Hosting service is reliable.

If for some reason you would like to host your Website with another provider, just let us know. We will need to access some administrator details from you so we can upload the site for you.


We aim to respond very quickly to your enquiries if you should ever experience downtime or other issues with your site hosting. This does not occur very often.


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