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Email Marketing and Newsletter Campaigns can assist with promoting your products and services.

They can work really well for Businesses that have an existing customer database of email addresses. Email Marketing can ensure you reach hundreds, thousands or more of your clients with the latest specials and offers from your business. Structure and creating a 'Call To Action' are very important with this type of Marketing. Don't forget to give something away every now and then, even if it's just some valuable FREE advice to your customer/clients. Be wary of constantly just doing the hard sell unless you have genuine specials to offer. Keep the message fresh and the content fresher, or people tend to switch off.

Measure... then fine tune

When we set up a new customer for Email Marketing, you will be provided access to your Admin Centre, where you can check the stats of how well your Campaign performed. Stats such as open rates, bounces, unsubscribes etc are all important in fine tuning your next Campaign. Simple things like changing the day, or time of dispatch by as little as an hour can have a huge impact on readership rates of an Email campaign.


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If you have not done this type of marketing previously, it can be a little daunting. Email Newsletters or Email Marketing simply uses a new medium to promote your goods to customers. This type of Marketing is a very targeted approach and can very quickly reach a very large audience at a greatly reduced price than conventional forms or Direct Marketing. Simple Marketing concepts still apply though. Create interest in your Business or product and then create a 'Call to Action' with a Special Offer or Discount for a limited time etc. Like any form of promotion, people are more inclined to act if there is a worthwhile reason.

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